The Horse Ranch Series #1: Blood of the Cuckoo

The main characters in each book are close friends who share a passion for horses. This shared interest forms the backdrop of each story, with varying levels of horse care knowledge woven into the narratives, from basic care to specialized knowledge for sport horses.

However, this doesn’t make the series a dry documentary. Each character has their own unique story, leading to distinct plots with diverse characters, emotions, and conflicts.

All books can be read independently, except for “Love in the Shadows,” which should be read after “Through the Vengeance” as it may reveal important plot points.

However, for the best reading experience, it is recommended to read in the following order:

1. Blood of the Cuckoo
2. Through the Vengeance
3. Love in the Shadows
4. Transcendental tie


Blood of the Cuckoo


Romantic Suspense

Lenght (A5 size – TH)

Pages: 526
Words: 167,025
Characters (no spaces): 606,549
Characters (with spaces): 625,349
Paragraphs: 5,376
Lines: 9,061

Selling Point

  • A novel that seamlessly blends the world of horse care with elements of danger and romance.
  • A beloved enemies-to-lovers trope.
  • The betrayal between brothers and the end of patience, leading to retaliation.


Pakorn, diagnosed with cancer, leaves his company to adopted daughter Fungfah, upsetting his brother Panu. Pakorn reveals Fungfah is a conduit for his son Sangchaan.

Fungfah, ambushed while searching for Sangchaan, is saved by him. She feigns amnesia to bring him back to Pakorn. Sangchaan only agrees after Fungfah offers money.

Pakorn is poisoned, and Fungfah becomes ill but is saved. Sangchaan takes her in, and she adapts to life at his horse stable.

Sangchaan’s ex-wife returns, and Napa lies that Fungfah is Sangchaan’s wife, improving their relationship.

Pakorn and Napa reconcile, and Sangchaan accepts them. A shooting at the ranch prompts Pakorn to take them home. Evidence points to Panu and Chai, but all of them believes he’s being framed.

Panu learns Pakorn changed his will and knows Sangchaan isn’t his son. He confronts Chai, who reveals Pakorn orchestrated everything.

Panu tells Sangchaan he’s his son from a rape and plans to harm Pakorn. Napa takes Sangchaan to Pakorn.

A confrontation ensues, and Pakorn shoots Sangchaan and Panu. Napa, witnessing this, kills Pakorn. Panu takes the blame.

Sangchaan recovers, and Fungfah handles the funeral. Pakorn leaves his shares to Chot, and Fungfah gives hers to Ravikorn. Fungfah starts a new life with Sangchaan.

Pakorn, the owner of a large electrical appliance import company, was diagnosed with cancer. He calls a family meeting to announce his will, in which he leaves all of his company shares to Fungfah, his adopted daughter. This decision greatly upsets Panu, Pakorn’s younger brother. Pakorn reveals to Panu that he made this decision because Fungfah is merely a conduit for Sangchaan, Pakorn’s son with Napa, his former lover who disappeared over twenty years ago.

Fungfah embarks on a journey to find Sangchaan as per Pakorn’s instructions, but she is ambushed and shot along the way. Fortunately, Sangchaan arrives in time to save her. Fungfah experiences temporary amnesia and stays with Napa. She quickly recovers her memory but pretends to still have amnesia in order to find a way to bring Sangchaan back to Pakorn.

Fungfah tries everything to convince Sangchaan to comply with Pakorn’s wishes, but to no avail. Finally, she offers a large sum of money to help Sangchaan’s struggling ‘Sun & Sky’ horse stable, and he agrees.

Upon Fungfah’s return to the Pariyakul residence, Pakorn is poisoned. Fungfah, being the only one who ate everything before Pakorn did, is also poisoned but Sangchaan rushes her to the hospital in time. This incident causes turmoil within Panu’s family, as Panu’s wife Chawiwan, becomes a suspect in the poisoning.

Pakorn asks Sangchaan to take Fungfah in for her safety, and Sangchaan agrees. Fungfah adapts to life at the Sun & Sky and becomes a different person from her time at the Pariyakul house.

Boonya-orn, Sangchaan’s ex-wife, returns to the Sun & Sky. Napa, fearing that they might reconcile, lies to Boonya-orn, claiming that Sangchaan has a new wife named Fungfah. Fungfah plays along with the charade, leading to a better relationship between Sangchaan and Fungfah.

Ravikorn, Fungfah’s cousin, started to feel uncertain about his feelings towards Fungfah after discovering that she wasn’t actually a blood relative. However, when they met again, he was certain that he still loved her like a sister.

Meanwhile, Fungfah discovered that she was happy with her life at the Sun & Sky and felt increasingly positive about Sangchaan.

Later, Fungfah met Trin, a veteran actor, and learned that he was her biological father. Sangchaan comforted Fungfah, and their feelings for each other grew stronger.

Pakorn planned to meet Napa, and they managed to reconcile. Sangchaan understood the whole truth and accepted his parents. During this time, someone attempted a shooting at the horse ranch, so Pakorn took Fungfah and Sangchaan back home together.

Chawiwan revealed evidence that Chai, Pakorn and Panu’s half-brother was the one who shot Fungfah, but later evidence pointed to Panu as the one who ordered the hit. Everyone agreed that Panu was likely being framed.

Panu founded out that Pakorn had changed his will to leave all his company shares to Fungfah. He also learned that Pakorn knew the truth about being infertile, which meant he knew Sangchaan wasn’t his biological son. Suspicious, Panu confronted Chai and learned that Pakorn was the mastermind behind everything.

Panu went to see Napa and revealed the truth to Sangchaan that he was Panu’s son, conceived through rape. He also mentioned his plan to harm Pakorn. Napa couldn’t stand this and asked Sangchaan to take her to see Pakorn.

When they arrived at the house, Panu and Pakorn had a confrontation. Panu threatened Pakorn with a gun, demanding he change his will. Sangchaan tried to seize the weapon, but Pakorn, who managed to grab it, shot Sangchaan and Panu. Intending to ensure Sangchaan’s death, Pakorn was about to shoot him again when Napa, witnessing the scene, shot Pakorn dead. Panu, remorseful for being the cause of these terrible events, took all the blame.

Sangchaan returned to his home to recuperate. Fungfah handled the funeral arrangements and opened the will.
Pakorn left all his shares to Chot, Chai’s son. Fungfah then transferred her shares to Ravikorn.

Ultimately, Fungfah returned to the horse stable and started a new life with Sangchaan.