The Horse Ranch Series #3: Love in the Shadows

The main characters in each book are close friends who share a passion for horses. This shared interest forms the backdrop of each story, with varying levels of horse care knowledge woven into the narratives, from basic care to specialized knowledge for sport horses.

However, this doesn’t make the series a dry documentary. Each character has their own unique story, leading to distinct plots with diverse characters, emotions, and conflicts.

All books can be read independently, except for “Love in the Shadows,” which should be read after “Through the Vengeance” as it may reveal important plot points.

However, for the best reading experience, it is recommended to read in the following order:

1. Blood of the Cuckoo
2. Through the Vengeance
3. Love in the Shadows
4. Transcendental tie


Love in the Shadows

(Spin-off from Through the Vengeance)

Genre: Romantic Drama

Lenght (A5 size – TH):
Pages: 416
Words: 128,271
Characters (no spaces): 462,647
Characters (with spaces): 477,320
Paragraphs: 3,875
Lines: 6,236

Selling Point:

  • One of the characters the reader falls in love and wants to know his story.
  • The revenge that seemed to have ended returns once again in the form of love.
  • Between abandoning your identity and abandoning your heart, which is more difficult?


Waarana Durongkawichian changed his identity to Kunchorn Limpiriyasakul after taking revenge on Wathana, his family’s enemy. After succeeding, Waarana went to live a peaceful life at a ranch with the help of Tim.

However, by coincidence, Naiyapak, Tim’s niece, came to live with him.

Naiyapak didn’t finish her studies because she was pursuing her mother’s wishes, not her own passions. So, she decided to take a break and ran away from the university without informing anyone.

Naiyapak was curious about Waarana’s background. She helped him take care of the horses and became closer to him. She felt that Waarana was not as uneducated as he claimed, but didn’t focus on finding the answer as Waarana often distracted her with other things.

Later, Naiyapak had a car accident and had to return to Waarana’s house. She was almost kidnapped,
but Waarana rescued her just in time. Their shared experience brought them closer together, but then Naiyapak’s mother, Noi, discovered that Naiyapak had stopped studying. Noi came to scold Naiyapak and took her back home.

However, after some discussion, they reconciled, and Noi finally allowed Naiyapak to pursue her passion for design.

Noi sensed Naiyapak’s particular interest in Waarana and told her to stop. Naiyapak understood that her mother disapproved because Waarana was merely a worker. At that time, she didn’t believe she had romantic feelings for Waarana, so she assured her mother that she didn’t like him in that way.

Tragedy struck again when Naiyapak was kidnapped. Waarana once more came to her rescue, but he was injured after taking a knife for her. Naiyapak, overcome with worry and sadness for Waarana, realized that she was in love with him. When Noi found out, she was furious. Knowing she couldn’t stop her daughter, she went to Waarana and revealed a devastating truth: Naiyapak was the daughter of Wattana, the man responsible for destroying Waarana’s Durongkawichian family.

Overwhelmed with sorrow, Waarana fled, unable to face Naiyapak. Meanwhile, Naiyapak was consumed by sadness, feeling the whole situation was unjust.

It wasn’t until the horse that Waarana cherished most died of old age, the same horse that Naiyapak had cared for, that Waarana finally returned home and reunited with her.

The loss of his cherished horse led Waarana to realize that he needed to let go of his anger. He had already sacrificed his identity and should also release the past. However, he knew Naiyapak had just graduated and hadn’t experienced much of the world yet. He didn’t want to burden her with his past, dragging her into the shadows with him. So, he gave Naiyapak a condition: to study abroad and then decide if she truly wanted to spend her life with him while he patiently waited.

Four years passed, and Naiyapak thrived in America, completing her studies and starting her career.

Waarana, back on the ranch, found himself consumed by doubt, fearing that Naiyapak had moved on and found happiness without him. But his worries were unfounded. Naiyapak returned, her love for Waarana unwavering, and they embarked on a new chapter together, sealing their love with marriage.