The Horse Ranch Series #2: Through the Vengeance

The main characters in each book are close friends who share a passion for horses. This shared interest forms the backdrop of each story, with varying levels of horse care knowledge woven into the narratives, from basic care to specialized knowledge for sport horses.

However, this doesn’t make the series a dry documentary. Each character has their own unique story, leading to distinct plots with diverse characters, emotions, and conflicts.

All books can be read independently, except for “Love in the Shadows,” which should be read after “Through the Vengeance” as it may reveal important plot points.

However, for the best reading experience, it is recommended to read in the following order:

1. Blood of the Cuckoo
2. Through the Vengeance
3. Love in the Shadows
4. Transcendental tie


Through the Vengeance

Genre: Romantic Action

Lenght (A5 size – TH):
Pages: 458
Words: 139,046
Characters (no spaces): 507,283
Characters (with spaces): 523,095
Paragraphs: 4,590
Lines: 7,735

Selling Point:

  • Revenge is not sweet, but revenge that is patient, waiting, and well-planned is so sweet.
  • In a gamble where life is at stake, only trust, faith, and love can ensure survival.
  • Hate, indeed, can transform into love when the truth is revealed.



Chananyu and Sangchaan grew up in the same orphanage. The two are close but separate when Napa takes in Sangchaan, while Chananyu is adopted by the Durongkawichian family, headed by Khacha with his three children: eldest son Waarana, and twin daughters, Vinithra and Waralee.

One day, Tim, the gardener, sees Chananyu fighting thugs to help Waarana and invites Chananyu to box for money. Chananyu began boxing at fourteen and never lost. Khacha always profits from Chananyu’s matches, but in the last game, Chananyu loses due to being drugged.

In that night, Khacha tragically kills his wife and attempts to harm his children, but Chananyu and Waarana intervene to protect them. Tim then reveals a shocking truth: Wathana, a close friend of Khacha, is the mastermind behind it all. Burning with a desire for revenge against Wathana, Waarana acknowledges the current challenges. Wathana’s power and influence make immediate action impossible. Recognizing the risks involved, they all agree that it’s best for Tim and Chananyu to distance themselves from Waarana for their own safety. This leads Chananyu and Tim to part ways, each pursuing their own paths., leaving Waarana to plan his next move alone.

Chananyu reunites with Sangchaan at university and stays with Napa, helping run the Sun & Sky stable. Sangchaan is close to Sumitra, a veterinarian who helps other stables too. However, an incident with the horse Kaewnopphakao leaves Sangchaan heartbroken, prompting him to stop caring for other stables’ horses.

Chananyu meets Waarana, Vinithra, and Waralee again when they come to see Kaewnopphakao but pretends not to recognize them.

Five years later, Waarana contacts Chananyu to resolve past issues and prepare for his disappearance.

Vinithra, desperately searching for her brother, discovers that he entrusted a gold horse—a cherished family heirloom—to Chananyu. Initially harboring resentment towards Chananyu, believing he intentionally lost the fight, Vinithra eventually uncovers the truth: she was manipulated by Tim, who tricked her into giving Chananyu the drug that was hidden in the water bottle.

Waarana sells all the horses and their home to Achittaphon, forcing Vinithra and Waralee to leave the Durongkawichian house to protect them from Wathana.

Waralee faces threats from thugs at her restaurant. Vinithra wants to return to her twin sister, but Chananyu, aware of the imminent danger, forbids it. He arranges for Waralee to stay with Ravikorn and takes Vinithra to the Sun & Sky for safety.

Waarana reappears to ask Vinithra to help him take revenge on Wathana. Vinithra discovers Waarana fled after throwing a horse race despite being an ace jockey. This was the first step in his elaborate plan for vengeance.

Wathana investigates Ravikorn’s background and entices him into a gambling business that includes high-end and low-market operations.

Ravikorn is troubled by the immoral activities he witnesses at Wathana’s casino, but is encouraged by Waralee, strengthening their relationship.

Waarana, in collaboration with Achitaphon and Chananyu, orchestrates a death match between himself and Chananyu as part of his revenge plot against Wathana.

He approaches Wathana with a deceptive proposition: to eliminate Chananyu and manipulate Achitaphon into betting on the wrong fighter. Furthermore, Waarana fabricates a growing intimacy between Chananyu and Vinithra, exploiting this to persuade Chananyu to participate in the high-stakes match.

Blinded by greed, Wathana falls prey to Waarana’s cunning scheme.

Before the death match, Waarana retrieves Vinithra. Achitaphon visits Chananyu to reveal the intricate details of the revenge plot.

Wathana remains confident in his manipulation, but in a tragic turn of events, Chananyu ultimately kills Waarana.

Growing suspicious, Wathana moves to investigate the scene. Vinithra, panicked that he might uncover the truth of Waarana’s faked death using tetrodotoxin, desperately grabs a knife and tries to stab herself. However, Chananyu intervenes, quickly pulling her hand and directing the knife towards himself. This act successfully deceives Wathana into believing Vinithra’s fury over Waarana’s supposed death, leading her to attack Chananyu.

In the midst of chaos, Achitaphon rushes to Chananyu’s aid, swiftly leading everyone to safety. Just as they escape, the police arrive to arrest Wathana for his illegal casino operation, the scene is captured by reporters, exposing Wathana’s crimes to the public, as planned by Waarana.

On Waarana’s cremation day, Wathana requests a leave from prison to see Waarana one last time. Seeing Waarana’s body in the coffin, he believes the deception. Wathana’s subordinates are captured, and Waralee identifies him as the bad guy who damage her restaurant. Wathana loses power and has to send his wife and child abroad.

At Ravikorn’s condo, Achitaphon meets with Vinithra and Waralee, returning all the assets Waarana had previously sold to him, except for the Durongkawichian house, which Waarana intended to sell legitimately to provide funds for his twin sister to start a new life. Vinithra reveals that Waarana is still alive; it was all a plan to bring down Wathana. Vinithra and Chananyu collaborated to switch the water bottles, making it appear Waarana died, allowing him to escape. To ensure the revenge is successful Waarana assumes a new identity, Mr. Chang, disappearing from public view.

Meanwhile, Vinithra moves to Sun & Sky with Chananyu, and Ravikorn kindly offers to take Waralee for monthly visits to see her sister.

The relationships among everyone involved begin to heal and strengthen, with the past traumas gradually fading away.