The Horse Ranch Series #4: Transcendental tie.

The main characters in each book are close friends who share a passion for horses. This shared interest forms the backdrop of each story, with varying levels of horse care knowledge woven into the narratives, from basic care to specialized knowledge for sport horses.

However, this doesn’t make the series a dry documentary. Each character has their own unique story, leading to distinct plots with diverse characters, emotions, and conflicts.

All books can be read independently, except for “Love in the Shadows,” which should be read after “Through the Vengeance” as it may reveal important plot points.

However, for the best reading experience, it is recommended to read in the following order:

1. Blood of the Cuckoo
2. Through the Vengeance
3. Love in the Shadows
4. Transcendental tie


Transcendental tie

Genre: Romantic Mysteries

Lenght (A5 size – TH):
Pages: 613
Words: 208,337
Characters (no spaces): 751,413
Characters (with spaces): 773,622
Paragraphs: 6,351
Lines: 11,130

Selling Point:

  • The past affects the present, even if it is the very distant past.
  • Sorrowful with the tragedy of love, contemplating the beliefs in ghosts, spirits, and reincarnation, amused by the love-hate relationship, and excited by the endurance riding.



Sumitra, an equine veterinarian, travels to America for relaxation and further studies. Before leaving, she stops by to check the horses at Sun & Sky Stables and Triple H Stables, owned by Heng, who has a son named Hirun, with whom she doesn’t get along very well due to Hiran’s spoiled and arrogant nature.

During her time in America, Sumitra unexpectedly encounters Hirun, as an endurance rider. To her surprise, he requests her to join his team as their veterinarian.

Due to circumstances surrounding Hirun, Sumitra finds herself later taking on the role of a central veterinarian at a competition in the Middle East. While in this position, she uncovers a cheating scandal, which ultimately forces her and Hirun to return to Thailand together.

Back in Thailand, Sumitra decides to stay with Heng and help him and Hirun organize an endurance competition, despite her reluctance. During this period, Sumitra and Hiran encounter strange occurrences on Hiran’s newly acquired land, such as the discovery of a shrine dedicated to a goddess and the presence of horse spirits.

These mysterious occurrences prompt them to seek answers from Uncle Maen, a wise elder known for his knowledge of such matters, in the hopes of uncovering the truth behind these events.

Uncle Maen shares the tale of Phon, a stable caretaker, and Lukjan, the daughter of a wealthy man, who fell deeply in love despite their differing backgrounds. Their love story was fraught with challenges, including misunderstandings and interference from others, particularly Maprang, Lukjan’s older sister.

In the present, the endurance competition ends with a team losing a horse and blaming Sumitra and Hirun. Hirun comforts Sumitra, bringing them closer, and they become more curious about their past lives.

Eager to learn more, Sumitra and Hirun return to Uncle Maen to hear the rest of the story. Phon was sent away to care for the king’s horses, with a promise to return and marry Lukjan. However, the governor misunderstood the situation, believing that Phon loved his own daughter, Kwan, and proceeded to arrange their marriage.

Upon learning this, Lukjan became gravely ill due to the immense heartbreak she suffered.

As the layers of the past are peeled back, Hirun gathers his courage and confesses his love for Sumitra. However, she remains unsure of her own feelings.

Together, they continue to unravel the mysteries of the past, with a growing conviction that Hirun may be the reincarnation of Phon. Sumitra grapples with the possibility that she could be Lukjan, or perhaps another woman who shared a significant connection with Phon in a previous life.

Sumitra and Hirun visit Uncle Maen at night to hear more of the story. Phon, despite being forced into marriage with Kwan, remained steadfast in his promise to never touch her. However, Kwan, desperate to secure Phon’s affection, falsely claimed to be pregnant with his child. This devastating lie caused Lukjan to succumb to her grief and pass away.

Phon, upon receiving the news of Lukjan’s death was consumed by sorrow, and because Kwan drugged him in a misguided attempt to consummate their marriage and become a true couple, also died merely a day after Lukjan.

Kwan, burdened by guilt, began experiencing lapses in consciousness, plagued by the belief that Lukjan’s spirit was haunting her. Maprang, recognizing her own role in the tragedy, also carried the weight of responsibility for Lukjan’s untimely demise.

With the full story revealed, Sumitra and Hirun are shocked to discover that Uncle Maen’s house has vanished without a trace, as if he never existed. They return home and share the entire tale with Heng. Heng decides to construct a new shrine and remove the old one. Sumitra, with a compassionate heart, bids farewell to the spirits and wishes them peace. However, Hirun, unable to let go of the past, refuses to forgive Kwan for her role in the tragedy.

Hirun faces the full force of Kwan’s anger and thirst for revenge, narrowly escaping with his life. While recovering in the hospital, Hirun experiences a vivid dream of Maprang, where he realizes the depth of her love for Lukjan. This revelation, coupled with Sumitra’s pleas for forgiveness, finally allows Hirun to let go of his resentment and forgive everyone involved in the tragic events of the past.

Upon waking, Hirun immediately seeks out Sumitra and reveals a birthmark on his wrist, identical to the one Phon made after Lukjan’s death. This discovery confirms Sumitra’s reincarnation as Phon. As she reflects on Phon’s unwavering love for Lukjan, their connection deepens.

However, doubt lingers in Sumitra’s mind. She worries that her feelings might be rooted in Phon’s love for Lukjan, rather than a genuine connection with Hirun in their present lives. In an attempt to navigate this uncertainty, Sumitra maintains her composure and and tries to ask Hirun for more time.

When Sumitra returns to America for training, she finds herself missing Hirun and realizes that her feelings for him are genuine and not simply a carryover from Phon’s love for Lukjan.

In Thailand, Hirun is confronted with a distressing situation when his horse is poisoned. His attempts to reach out to Sumitra are unsuccessful, causing him to feel despondent and question whether he and Sumitra are truly meant to be. However, the following day, he discovers that Sumitra is on her way back to him, explaining why she had been unreachable.

After resolving the issue with the culprits responsible for poisoning his horse, Hirun, filled with renewed hope, proposes to Sumitra. She accepts his proposal, choosing to embrace their love in the present and create a new life together, regardless of their past lives.